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Chapter 33, Land Development Regulations, of the City's Code of Ordinances, governs development within the City. They can be found on Municode.

         Amendments to the Land Development Regulations:

For questions concerning zoning for specific property, refer to Zoning Information.

For information about a Planned Development or a copy, refer to Planned Development (PD).

For information on development, planning and zoning, call 386-626-7014, email planning@deland.org or request a Pre-Application Meeting* on Citizen Portal.

*Register for an account under New Users (click here for instructions). Choose the Planning tab, then select Record Type. Complete the request. Note: When entering address for Step 1, enter parcel number first, and when found, enter street number (or 0 if no street number) and street name. Once the request is received in the system, a Senior Planner will be assigned. The Senior Planner will contact you to set up an available date and time.

Zoning Category Summaries:

R-R Rural Residential

R-R1 Suburban Single-Family Residential

R-1 Single-Family Dwelling

R-1A Single-Family Dwelling

R-1AA Single-Family Dwelling

R-1B Single-Family Dwelling

R-2 Two-Family Dwelling

R-8 Multiple-Family Dwelling

R-12 Multiple-Family Dwelling

R-16 Multiple-Family Dwelling

R-M Residential-Mobile Home

P-1 Professional-Residential

E-1 Educational

BR Business Retail

C-1 Neighborhood Commercial

C-2 General Commercial

C-2A Downtown Commercial

C-2AC Commercial Activity Core

C-3 Rail Spur Commercial

C-4 Wholesale Commercial

M-1 Industrial

PD Planned Development

Zoning Requirements/Conditions

Single Family Uses

Conditional Use Requirements

Special Exceptions

Uses in Commercial Zoning Districts

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) - An additional, small self-contained secondary housing/dwelling unit with a bathroom and kitchen. Allowed by building permit. Some examples are garage studio apartment, in-law suite and backyard cottage.

Accessory Uses & Structures - An additional use or structure. Bathrooms are accepted by appropriate use; kitchens are not (refer to ADU). Allowed by permit. Some examples are signs, fences, swimming pools, recreational buildings, garages, carports, and guest suites. For swimming pools, the setback from the deck is five feet and eight feet from the water's edge. Refer to specific requirements for PDs.

Fences & Walls

Shrubs Trees & Plants

Additional Links

Volusia County Planning & Development

Volusia County Property Appraiser


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