The City of DeLand is requesting funding, through the Critical Facility Hardening Program, for a generator and installation of a transfer switch to provide standby power The Bridge.  The total funding request is $200,000.  The 6,300 square foot facility includes 30 crisis center beds, a communal dining area and commercial kitchen, showers, offices and space to provide coordinated entry and case management, mental health and drug abuse counseling, job counseling, medical care, haircuts, showers and laundry.  Constructed on a site owned by the City of DeLand at 421 South Palmetto Avenue, this project is incorporated into the LMS, CEMP and Comprehensive Plan, and supports the National Flood Insurance Program (i.e., for flood related projects), mitigates a potential hazard of high frequency or risk, and  will ensure continuity of operations for essential infrastructure or services. Losing power to this facility during a disaster would impact the ability of The Bridge to operate and serve its function as a homeless shelter.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Theresa Brooks, Grants Coordinator, at telephone 386-717-9050. Written comments may be submitted by email at brookst@deland.org, or by regular U.S. Mail attention to: Theresa Brooks, Grant Coordinator 120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, Florida 32720-5422.  Comments will be accepted until June 19,2020.


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