Reports of sick raccoons in the DeLand area

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April 11, 2019

Residents are being advised to take extra precautions after reports of sick raccoons in the DeLand area.

At least seven raccoons found in the DeLand area within the last week have shown signs and symptoms of distemper. Other parts of Volusia County have also seen an increase in sick raccoons.

Raccoons are susceptible to both canine and feline distemper, which can be deadly to unvaccinated pets.

Please do not leave pet food outside that can attract unwanted attention. Raccoons that are infected with distemper usually move slowly, stumble, appear confused and can lose their fear of humans. Some sick raccoons can become aggressive. If you notice a raccoon behaving abnormally or showing signs of being sick, do not approach and avoid contact with the raccoon.

Residents are asked to report sick raccoons to Volusia County Dispatch at 386-736-5999.


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