Ray Underwood

Ray Underwood

Public Works Director


The Public Works Director is responsible for various administrative and managerial duties. Some of the essential duties are to create and plan long-term programs, projects, and budgets that will develop the growth for DeLand’s Right of Way infrastructure and Stormwater Utility. Presents improvement programs to special interests, citizen groups and service clubs. In addition, to being responsible for analyzing and assessing proposals of the public work staff, evaluating the projects in accordance to the given budget, and developing staff based on the department’s requirement and criteria.  

The Director procures and coordinates the contracted refuse pick-up and numerous other contacted services necessary for the function of the Department. Consults with subordinates on scheduling, work problems, plans, and specifications relating to proposed operation, construction, installation, and improvement projects.

Lastly, the Director reviews and analyzes methods, equipment used and performance to find ways of increasing effectiveness, improving results, or effecting economies in operation and maintenance activities.


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