Chad A. Gamble, P.E.

DeLand Airport
Title: Public Services Director
Phone: 386-626-7197

The Public Services Director is the team captain responsible for the oversight, management, coordination and leadership of all of the infrastructure, facilities, and team members that makes the City of DeLand run! This department and its 201 team members operate, maintain, oversee and support DeLand's; airport, roads, storm and sanitary sewers, water production-treatment-distribution-reclamation facilities, police fire and all other vehicles and equipment, natural infrastructure, urban beautification, refuse, and inspection and permitting of all the above.

Chad has over 30 years of experience working with and keeping Cities running, coordinating reginal projects, and finding creative ways to make good projects great! He has served in roles ranging from storm water engineer, Assistant City Engineer, Chief Operating Officer and Public Services Director. He was hired in July of 2021.


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