Utilities: Water, Wastewater, & Reclaim Water

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Jim Ailes, Utilities Director

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:00PM


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Utility Account / Customer Service Billing Questions: (386) 626-7051

All Turn On/Off's, No Water Due to Non-payment/locked meter calls need to be directed to Customer Service at the above number. The emergency phone lines are unable to help you. If you do not have an account number you need to wait for the last option and then press zero (0). If there is no answer you will need to leave a message and they will call you back
on the same business day.

Wastewater Emergency (non-billing
issues) Phone: (386) 626-7251

Water Emergency (non-billing issues)
Phone: (386) 626-7203

Sandra Karlovich, Utilities Project Coordinator
Roan Thomas-Pipe, Administrative Assistant III
Staff members

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Mission Statement:

To provides superior drinking water, and advanced treatment and disposal of wastewater through an effective utility system reflecting responsible environmental stewardship striving for 100% customer satisfaction. To enhance the quality of life by working with the citizens in our community, as well as public and private entities, in a professional, effective, and efficient manner.

Duties and Responsibility:

The Utilities Department consists of two divisions: Water and Wastewater. The Water division is also responsible for water quality and reporting to regulatory agencies.  In addition, this program is responsible for all of the water distribution piping throughout the utility service area. Also handles installation of new meters and services, line repairs, flushing and quality maintenance, hydrant repair and replacement, utility locates, meter repair and water main installation. The Wastewater division is responsible for locating all utility lines for contractors throughout the service area, repairs, construction of new facilities, line cleaning, new facility connections and other duties.  Also handles the production and distribution of reclaimed water, and laboratory analysis and regulatory liaison and reporting for the Utilities Department.

DeLand Service Area

Utility Standards

Drinking Quality Reports

  1. 2020 Water Quality Report
  2. 2019 Water Quality Report
  3. 2018 Water Quality Report
  4. 2017 Water Quality Report
  5. 2016 Water Quality Report
  6. 2015 Water Quality Report
  7. 2014 Water Quality Report
  8. 2013 Water Quality Report
  9. 2012 Water Quality Report
  10. 2011 Water Quality Report

Fire Hydrant Flushing

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