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Tree Advisory Committee

Mariellen Calabro
1102 South Garfield Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724

PURPOSE: To review tree planting within the City and recommend to the City Commission ways to improve the City's tree program.

[Reso. 88-41; Amended by Reso. 96-4]

REQUIREMENTS: Shall consist of seven members appointed by the City Commission to serve for a period of two (2) years.  The Committee shall serve the purpose of reviewing tree planting within the City and recommending to the City Commission ways to improve the City’s tree program.  City residency is not required.


Seat 1 - Bill Bailey                               Term expires: 08/2019

Seat 2 - Steve Edgar                           Term expires: 08/2019

Seat 3 - Barbara Stockhausen            Term expires: 08/2019

Seat 4 - Dana Venrick                         Term expires: 08/2019

Seat 5 - Tadd Kasbeer                        Term expires: 08/2020

Seat 6 - Charles Gay                          Term expires: 08/2020

Seat 7 - Dr. Cynthia Bennington         Term expires: 08/2020

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