Boards and Committees

Spring Hill Community Redevelopment Agency

Mike Grebosz
120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720

PURPOSE: The purpose of the CRA is to work jointly with the County Council in the completion of a redevelopment plan for the Spring Hill area in an effort to eliminate the blighted area of the Spring Hill community for the benefit of the residents therein and to offer the residents an improved quality of life. [F.S. 163.410; Reso 04-55]

REQUIREMENTS: The governing body of the Spring Hill CRA consists of seven (7) representatives, of which two (2) are members of the Volusia County Council, three (3) are members of the DeLand City Commission, one (1) is a citizen of the unincorporated area of Spring Hill appointed by the County Council, and one (1) is a citizen of the incorporated area of Spring Hill appointed by the City Commission. Terms are for four (4) years.


Seat 1 - Mayor Robert F. Apgar            Term expires: 11/2022

Seat 2 - Jessica Davis                          Term expires: 11/2022

Seat 3 - Charles Paiva                          Term expires: 11/2020

Seat 4 - Bo Davenport                           Term expires:03/2019

Seat 5 - Grady Jackson                         Term expires: 03/2019

Seat 6 - Pat Patterson

Seat 7 - Joyce Cusack

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