Boards and Committees

Public Mural Art Committee

Kieu Moses
1000 Flightlne Boulevard, DeLand, FL 32724

CRITERIA: The Committee shall have five (5) members appointed by the City Commission. A majority of the members shall either live, work, volunteer or own property in the Greater DeLand Area.  All members shall have a background or other involvement in artwork as determined by the City Commission.


DUTY: To review and approve mural designs for aesthetic quality, design integrity and appropriateness pursuant to Ordinance 2021-18, and any resolutions that may be adopted by the City Commission from time to time, in order to create and maintain a strong community image, identity and a sense of place.


Seat 1 - Vacant                  Term expires:

Seat 2 - Vacant                 Term expires:

Seat 3 - Vacant                 Term expires:

Seat 4 - Vacant                 Term expires:

Seat 5- Vacant                  Term expires:

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