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Police Officers' Retirement Committee

Chris Jaques
219 W Howry Avenue DeLand, FL 32720

PURPOSE:  Responsible for the administration, interpretation and application of the Retirement Plan.[Chap. 23, Art. III, Div. 6;  F.S. Chap. 185]

REQUIREMENTS: City residency not required for Seats 3 – 5.Sec. 23-90 - Board shall consist of five (5) members, two (2) of whom shall be legal residents of the City of DeLand, and shall be appointed by the City Commission; two (2) shall be employees, and shall be elected by a majority of police officers; the fifth member shall be chosen by a majority of the other four (4) members, that name shall be given to the City Commission for appointment.  Requires filing of Annual Financial Form (Form 1).


Seat 1 - Dan Metz                 Term expires: 01/2020

Seat 2 - James Rybinski               Term expires: 01/2020

Seat 3 - Chris Jaques                   Term expires: 01/2020

Seat 4 - John Anderson                Term expires: 01/2020

Seat 5 - Michael Brooks                Term expires: 01/2020

Form 1 Link:

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Click here to download the board application

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