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Historic Preservation Board

Belinda Williams-Collins
120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720

Shall have seven members appointed by the City Commission to serve for a period of three (3) years.  At least four (4) of the seven members shall be residents of the City of DeLand.  Three (3) members may be non-residents who own land in the Historic District.  One member of the Board shall be a registered architect, if available.  The remaining six appointments shall be made on the basis of civic pride, integrity, experience, and interest in the field of historic preservation.  Should, whenever possible, appoint a representative from each of the following areas of expertise:

  • ‍History
  • ‍Real estate or real property appraisal
  • ‍Urban planning
  • ‍Engineering or building construction


  • ‍Update the official inventory of cultural resources and submit to the City Commission recommendations and documentation concerning the updating.
  • ‍Develop programs to stimulate public interest in urban neighborhood conservation, to participate in the adaptation of existing codes, ordinances, procedures, and programs to reflect urban neighborhood conservation policies and goals.
  • ‍Explore funding and grant sources and advise property owners concerning which might be available for identification, protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of historic, architectural, archeological, and cultural resources.
  • Cooperate with agencies of city, county, regional, state and federal governments in planning proposed and future projects to reflect historic preservation concerns and policies, and assist in the development of proposed and future land use plans.
  • ‍Advise property owners and local governmental agencies concerning the proper protection, maintenance, enhancement, and preservation of cultural resources.
  • ‍Advise the City Commission concerning the effects of local governmental actions on cultural resources.
  • ‍Review and recommend the designation of sites, buildings, structures, objects, and districts, both public and private, as historically or architecturally significant.
  • ‍Approve or deny petitions for certificates of appropriateness required under the historic preservation regulations.
  • ‍Notify the historic resource coordinator who shall take appropriate action when it appears that there has not been compliance with the historic preservation regulations.
  • ‍Assist in developing a historic preservation element to be incorporated into the City of DeLand’s Comprehensive Plan and, if necessary, make recommendations for amendments to historic preservation goals, objectives and policies in the plan.

[Sec. 33-123 of Code of Ordinances; Amended by Ord. 2001-07]


Seat 1 - Charles Jordan                     

Seat 2 - Renee Garrison                    

Seat 3 - Scott Price                          

Seat 4 - Solomon Greene                 

Seat 5 - Ross Janke               

Seat 6 - Dagny Robertson              

Seat 7 - Ross Janke                        

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