Boards and Committees

Community Redevelopment Agency

Julie Hennessy
120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720

PURPOSE: To direct the rehabilitation, conservation, and/or redevelopment of the Downtown Redevelopment Area as necessary for the public health, safety, morals or welfare of the residents of the City of DeLand. [Resolution Nos: 84-3, 84-10, 84-13, 84-17, 84-27 and 91-47.]

REQUIREMENTS: Shall consist of seven members, to include the five City Commissioners plus two additional persons who shall be appointed by the City Commission. The two additional members shall either be City residents or shall be engaged in business within the Downtown Redevelopment District, i.e., own a business, practice a profession, perform a service for compensation, or serve as an officer or director of a corporation or other business entity engaged in business within the Downtown Redevelopment District. Terms are for four (4) years.

Seat 1 - Mayor Robert F. Apgar; Term expires: 11/2018

Seat 2 - Commissioner Charles Paiva; Term expires: 08/2018

Seat 3 - Commissioner Jessica Davis; Term expires: 11/2018

Seat 4 - Commissioner Christopher Cloudman; Term expires: 11/2020

Seat 5 - Vice Mayor Leigh Matusick; Term expires: 11/2018

Seat 6 - Joe Valente; Term expires: 12/2018

Seat 7 - Bill Budzinski; Term expires: 12/2020

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