Boards and Committees

Airport Advisory Committee

Mindy Considine
1000 Flightline Boulevard, DeLand, FL 32724


The Airport Advisory Committee shall review and make recommendations on airport policies, procedures and plans as requested by the City Commission or staff.  The Committee may also make recommendations to maintain and improve airport safety, operational policies, and the economic viability of the DeLand Municipal Airport.  The Committee shall consist of seven voting members.  Terms are for two (2) years.

Members shall consist of:

  1. Representative from Category “A” FBO                                                
  2. Certified Flight Instructor, preferably from a Flight Training School                        
  3. At-Large Resident
  4. Resident from a Noise Sensitive Community            
  5. Representative of the Skydive Manufacturing Industry                                                
  6. Representative of Skydive DeLand                                                     
  7. Hangar Tenant                                

[Reso.  07-40, 08-04 & 09-37]


Seat 1 - Christopher Brown

Term expires: 08/2020

Seat 2 - Dave Alber

Term expires: 08/2021

Seat 3 - Ken Luckett

Term expires: 08/2021

Seat 4 - Mike Johnston

Term expires: 08/2021

Seat 5 - John LeBlanc

Term expires: 08/2020

Seat 6 - Ken Allen

Term expires: 08/2020

Seat 7 - Stan Mitchell

Term expires: 08/2020

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