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Neighborhood Watch
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Why crime prevention? It keeps us from becoming victims. It helps our children grow up safer. It saves us from physical, financial, and psychological costs of crime. It improves the quality of our lives. It also saves our community’s money; many prevention strategies have been proved cost effective. If our communities make prevention a priority, they will become stronger, safer, and more caring.

A national survey on crime prevention found three (3) major areas of concern:

Americans are less engaged with each other and feel less secure in their neighborhoods.
Americans are worried about their children’s safety but don’t follow through on ensuring their safety.
Not enough Americans are taking basic, inexpensive precautions to reduce their immediate risks of crime
(Source – National Crime Prevention Counsel)
Neighborhood Watch is a global crime prevention initiative that has proven to be an effective and efficient method that keeps the police and members of active watch areas informed about issues affecting the area. Working to address mutual concerns, police personnel and members of a Neighborhood Watch area remain connected and trade information through email correspondence, phone calls and meetings.

To learn more about Neighborhood Watch please contact Officer Rod Hancock at 386-626-7467, or via the web at (click here)

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