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City of DeLand
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Special Operations Division
Special Operations Division - Traffic
The major goal of the Traffic Unit is to provide for the safe and expeditious movement of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the reduction of traffic accidents and personal injuries.

The Traffic Unit addresses these goals by enforcement of all applicable traffic regulations and by providing selective enforcement of specified traffic regulations in areas with the highest frequency of traffic crashes.

Special Operations Division - Animal Control
Mission: To provide Animal Control Services to the public in the most effective, and courteous means possible. We will provide professional, pro-active enforcement of the City of DeLand Animal Control Ordinances and the State Statutes pertaining to animals. We will provide responsible pet ownership by individual contact.

What Animal Control Services provides:
City of DeLand Animal Services is responsible for picking up stray dogs and cats, investigating animal bites, abandonment, animal cruelty cases and excessive barking complaints in the incorporated limits of the City of Deland.

Our goal is to keep all owned animals confined to their property and to ensure animals are vaccinated and licensed.

Our objectives are:
  • To minimize the risk of rabies outbreaks and threats to the public health and safety by vaccinating the majority of dogs and cats against the disease.
  • reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanized at the Humane Society
  • provide a pro-active response to dangerous dogs to reduce the number of bites.
  • provide the public with a timely response to complaints and adequate follow-up to ensure complaint resolution.
  • promote responsible pet ownership
The City of Deland has one full-time animal control officer, Gary Thomas, who has many years of experience in the Animal Control Field. Animal Control Officers must complete a 40-hour certification course before becoming an Animal Control Officer. They must complete a minimum of four hours of refresher training per year to remain certified.

To Contact Animal Control

To report a stray animal or an animal bite problem please call Central Dispatch (386) 626-7400.  The Animal Control Officer is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.  After hours in the event of an urgent situation, a Patrol Officer may be initially dispatched.

Traffic Enforcement
The Special Operation’s traffic component is a multifaceted operation that focuses on traffic enforcement designed to reduce traffic crashes; enforcement actions also identify aggressive or habitual offenders. Consisting of three motorcycle officers, a sergeant and a lieutenant, the members of this unit also design and manage traffic flow patterns and other safety considerations during the many special events that are held throughout the city. The members are also involved in assisting with road hazard identification and with engineering studies needed to improve an established roadway.

Parking Maintenance
Parking maintenance is another function associated with the Special Operations Unit. Primarily responsible for enforcing the city’s parking ordinances and insuring that adequate parking remains available for community members and visitors, the parking specialist works daily surveying parking needs, the flow of traffic in the parking designated areas, and conducting follow-up actions that hold a vehicle’s registered owner responsible for any and all outstanding parking citations issued to his/her vehicle.  

Animal Services
Promoting responsible pet ownership and helping to minimize the risk of rabies exposure defines the unit’s third core function, the Animal Services component. Designed to address issues related to loose, abandoned, abused, aggressive or sick/injured domestic animals, the Animal Control Officer (ACO) is responsible for enforcing the city’s animal ordinances and also manages the city’s Second Chance Program. This program is specially designed to allow the ACO to work with animal advocacy groups to find adoptive owners for any unclaimed domestic animal that comes into the city’s possession. Historically, the animal services component handles approximately 1,000 animal related a year.

Because animal bites are common, the ACO also investigates cases involving reports of animal bites and any allegation of cruel treatment to animals.

City of DeLand, Florida
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