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E-Lert - Traffic Safety for the School Year 08-16-2012
City of DeLand Police e-Lerts
DeLand Police Department

Chief William E. Ridgway

August 16, 2012

School Traffic Safety Reminders


School begins in Volusia County on Monday, August 20th and the DeLand Police Department urges the community to begin the start of the school year by following some safety reminders.

Pay Attention when driving:  Because the roadways are congested by school buses, pedestrian children, and additional motorists, drivers need to stay focused. Children are not as cognizant of their surroundings as adults are, and they are often not paying attention to traffic. Help minimize distractions by putting away cell phones while you drive.

Bicycle: If your child rides their bicycle to school make sure they wear their bicycle helmet correctly. Also, student riders are required to follow all of the bicycling laws i.e. riding on the right-hand side of the road (same direction as traffic), stopping for stop signs, and having a maximum of one occupant per bicycle.

Pedestrian Safety: Students must cross at the signal lights or marked crosswalks. Any students observed crossing in the middle of the street (jaywalking) may be cited. This also includes trips off campus at lunchtime. Please teach students to look both ways before entering the roadway.  Vehicles are NOT required to stop unless the pedestrian is already in the roadway when they approach.  Do not assume vehicles will or can stop!

Driving in school zones: Abide by all traffic laws. Remember the speed limit in school zones is 25 MPH or less when children are present (regardless of the posted speed). Also keep in mind the safe speed for conditions may be quite a bit slower in school zones due to increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic, so drive cautiously.

Parking at the school: The school's parking area may have been re-striped or posted so please abide by all parking zones in and around the school. The parking zones are strategically placed for you and your child’s safety.

Driving and parking in school zones can be a hectic time. Try the following tips, they may make your journey more pleasant.

Arrive early — Even 5 minutes earlier can make a difference.

Car pooling — One seatbelt per occupant. Park a block away. Walk to the school.

Prearrange a location for your child to wait for you — Make sure the location is safe and legal for you to stop or park.

During the first several weeks of the start of school, anticipate heavy congestion and periodic slowdowns at or near school locations.

As part of our continuing Safe Driver Initiative, members of the DeLand Police Department's Traffic Unit  and Patrol Division will be monitoring the schools at drop off and pick up times on a daily basis. Citations may be issued to drivers who violate traffic laws..

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to keep DeLand’s children safe.

Chief William E. Ridgway

DeLand Police Department

219 W. Howry Ave

For more information please visit our website at

Please do not reply to this email.  If you have information regarding this e-Lert please contact Officer Rod Hancock at 386-740-5885

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