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City of DeLand
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DeLand, FL 32720
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The City's Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is the document that sets the context for future growth and development within the City. Required by State Statutes that specify its overall content and structure, the Comprehensive Plan consists of a series of "elements" or chapters that analyze the City's future land use, traffic circulation, recreation and open space and other infrastructure and environmental issues, needs and challenges.

The Future Land Use Element contains a map that guides future growth and development within the city (such as general location and allowable densities.) Only two cycles for large scale map amendments (being defined a change to ten acres of land or more) may be made per year. These applications are reviewed by the Planning Board and City Commission before being submitted to the State of Florida & Volusia Growth Management Commission for further review.

Copies of the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map are available at the Planning Department for review. Applications for Future Land Use Map amendments are also available.

The State Growth Management Act requires that local governments periodically review and update their adopted Comprehensive Plans according to a schedule established by State statute.  The update begins with the preparation and adoption of an Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) and ends with the adoption of EAR based plan amendments.

The purpose of the EAR is to evaluate how successful a community has been in addressing major community issues through its Comprehensive Plan.  Based on this evaluation, the report suggests how the plan should be revised to better address community objectives.  The 2007 EAR focused on the major planning issues within the City of DeLand .

Questions or comments please contact:
Planning Staff
(386) 626-7012
(386) 626-7011

Comprehensive Plan Documents and Links
Future Land Use Element
FLUE - Figure 1 DeLand 2020
FLUE - Figure 2 Historic Districts
FLUE - Figure 3 Wells
FLUE - Figure 4 Waterbodies
FLUE - Figure 5 Soils
FLUE - Figure 6 Floodplains
FLUE - Figure 7 SWAC Plan
Transportation Element
Transportation Maps
Appendix 2A - Special Transportation Area
Appendix 2B - Twelve Oaks Royal Oaks Traffic Analysis
Appendix 2C - Traffic Model Validation
Housing Element
Public Services Element
Chapter 5
Coastal Management Element - The City of DeLand does not have a Coastal Management Element.
Conservation Element
Recereation and Open Space Element
Intergovernmental Coordination Element
Capital Improvements Element
Capital Improvement Program
Public School Facilities Element
PSFE - Map 1
PFSE - Map 2
Appendix A - Monitoring & Evaluation
Notice of Intent to find City of DeLand Comprehensive Plan Amendment in Compliance
Letter of Understaning for the City of DeLand Evaluation and Appraisal Report
Major Issues - Evaluation and Appraisal Report
Department of Community Affairs - Evaluation and Appraisal Reports
City of DeLand, Florida
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