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DeLand 2050 Maps
Land Use Map

Note: The map is only intended to be used to present the concept being discussed.

The map contains four broad categories that allow different densities and types of development and four overlays with specific functions. The categories cover large expanses and will ultimately be broken down into specific uses that reflect the intent of the specific category.

Category 1 (Yellow) – Retains the existing zoning in place, and many allow increases in density if it conforms to specific criteria.

Category 2 (Orange) – Urban core area where the majority of the new growth will take place.

Category 3 (Pink) – Transit Oriented Development (TOD) has been placed on areas that have transit or are planned for transit.

Category 4 (Green) – Designates areas that are currently under public ownership, that have been placed in conservation easements.  There are also four overlays that indicate certain areas for specific type of development.

Overlay 1 – Employment Center, designated by a blue oval, is an overlay that emphasizes business or industrial uses, rather then residential. Criteria could be developed to protect business development and keep out incompatible residential.

Overlay 2 – Activity Center, designated by a red oval, is an overlay that emphasizes an intensive mix of uses, including residential. These centers will become the major commercial areas.

Overlay 3 – Neighborhood Center, identifies small mixed use areas that will provide primarily daily goods and services for nearby residents.

Overlay 4 – Special Districts are placed on areas that have unique characteristics where the City would like to encourage the current use and allow for expansion of compatible uses.

Generalized Environmental Resources map

A second map illustrates areas that contain environmentally sensitive lands and special habitat, that will require new development be developed in a manner that protects the sites natural resources. These lands contain features that are already protected by regulations and staff is recommending that these protections remain and possibly provide for protection adjacent to these areas for additional protection. The areas shown on this map also include agriculture, although not all areas under agricultural production may be included. The map is intended to show that agriculture uses would be included and encouraged to remain, especially in the outer laying areas.

2050 Transportation Map

Alternatives to improve mobility and travel other than roadways, along with regulatory changes to encourage a multi-modal transportation network will be needed make the DeLand 2050 vision a reality. The land use pattern of DeLand 2050 suggests that modes of transportation in addition to the automobile will need to be emphasized to make the vision a reality.

These alternatives were consolidated to create the 2050 Transportation Plan that supports the DeLand 2050 plan. These alternatives have been grouped into three different categories: general, facilities, and Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The transportation plan emphasizes modes of transportation other than the automobile without eliminating the importance of the automobile. This map shows the transportation network described in the 2050 Plan.

Examples of Development Types

City of DeLand, Florida
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