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Reclaimed Water
Reclaimed Water Icon Reclaimed Water History
Reclaimed water irrigation has occurred for many years in California, Colorado, Arizona, and Hawaii.  In Florida, cities such as Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Orlando/Orange County, Cocoa Beach, St. Petersburg, Manatee County, Ormond Beach and DeLand, among others, have been promoting the benefits of irrigating with reclaimed water.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection strongly supports Reclaimed Water
The FDEP has found that reclaimed water is good for irrigating, and has mandated utilities throughout Florida to develop positive reclaimed water alternatives such as DeLand’s Reclaimed Water Program.

Reclaimed Water will help keep future City rates as low as possible.
Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham once said that “Water is Florida’s most critical resource.”  Irrigating with reclaimed water is one method of conserving our valuable water resources as well as protecting the environment for our children.

Reclaimed Water Icon What is Reclaimed Water?
Reclaimed water is the result of wastewater which has been highly treated and disinfected and reused.  Reclaimed water is essentially free of bacteria and viruses.  Reclaimed water is ideal for irrigation, but not suitable for human or animal consumption.

No negative effects have been noted or reported as a result of exposure to reclaimed water.  However, remember that:  (1) irrigation should occur at a time when human or animal contact is least likely; and (2) the effectiveness of any program relies on people, equipment and good common sense.

Reclaimed Water Icon Why use Reclaimed Water?
Reclaimed Water Helps You Conserve! - As the demand for fresh water increases in Florida and around the globe, the challenge to develop alternative water sources to satisfy future needs has become critical.  Using reclaimed water reduces the demand on the Floridan Aquifer, our primary fresh water source.

Reclaimed Water for Irrigation is Required - by the St. Johns River Water Management District as a condition of the City’s Consumptive Use Permit for withdrawal of fresh water from the Floridan Aquifer for public consumption.
Reclaimed Water Helps You Save Money - After the initial investment for connection, irrigating with reclaimed water may significantly reduce your monthly utility bill.  Additional savings come from delaying the costs for the City to research and develop new fresh water sources.

Reclaimed Water Helps You Save the Environment - by reducing the discharge of effluent to the river and through recharging the groundwater supply.

How to Connect to the Reclaimed Water System

Reclaimed Water IconStep 1: Apply for a Connection Permit
You may request an application or obtain one from the Building Department. Once completed, the application is processed by the permit clerk for fee and payment. Contact the Building Department at 626-7009 for more information.

Step   2:  Pay Connection Fee
A one time connection fee determined by meter size will be collected by the City of DeLand Building Division.  The fee must be paid in full prior to issuance of the connection permit.
Step 3:   Select a Contractor
You must choose an Irrigation or Plumbing Contractor licensed to perform the activities in Volusia County, or perform the work yourself if you are a homeowner.

Please contact the Volusia County Department of Health Eng. Dept. at (386) 274-0787 to verify that the contractor meets the County’s license requirements.

* Please note that FDEP regulations require reclaimed piping and sprinkler heads to be purple in color and a backflow prevention device must be installed on each potable water connection.

Step 4:  Obtain Service
After the work has been completed, a plumbing inspection must be requested from the Volusia County Health Department.  If the connection requires no modifications, the Utilities Division will be notified.  After notification, a service technician will activate your system.  Billing will be effective as of that date.  After connection, you will be charged the current applicable rate per 1000 gallons used.  Reclaimed is currently exempt from the St. Johns River Water Management District’s and County watering restrictions.


  • NO consumption of reclaimed water (Human or Animal)
  • NO connection to a dwelling for toilet flushing or other household usage.
  • NO interconnection with another water source.
  • NO sprinkling of edible crops (watering of roots is acceptable).
  • NO use for body-contact recreation.
  • NO use through non-lockable hose bibbs, faucets, couplers or hoses, etc.
  • NO filling of swimming pools.
  • NO sharing a common reclaimed service or connection between properties.
  • NO filling of decorative pools or fountains.
  • NO supplying air cooling systems (A/C units).
  • NO residential washing of equipment such as cars, boats, driveways, structures, etc.

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