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City of DeLand
120 S. Florida Avenue
DeLand, FL 32720
Phone: 386-626-7000
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Rotating Exhibits
Artist & Date
David Fithian: September 21- January 11
David Fithian: September 21- January 11
For me art is simply a way of life. Various “completed” works are an abstract framework or point of reference for actual experiences stemming from realities and dreams.

Painting and drawing in particular are a kind of magic endeavor that envelops the spirit leading into fantastic unanticipated and unpredicted dimensions.

This life of art is a never ending quest beyond the horizon for an ever receding perfection that is always evolving before dissolving into one point perspective.

The objects left are fleeting but hopefully filled for a moment with a glimmer of what lies within and a premonition of what lies beyond.

David Fithian
Rob Peaden: January 15- April 15
Rob Peaden: January 15- April 15
I am inspired by DeKooning, Pollock, Rothko, the great action painters of the 20th century. My subject is inspired by the interaction between people, conversation and alcohol. In my works, what appears to be accident and chance is usually planned. However, I do harness and build on the accidents that occur during painting. Miles Davis once said, “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.”

My works are impulsive, raw, and expressive in color and form; I like to feel “in the painting”. My large works dramatically impact the experience of a space, which in some areas can create a sensation of enclosure; they produce their own environment.

The large wall hangings are painted on the ground to access to all sides, and from all directions. The paint is drizzled, thrown, brushed, rollered on and applied with sticks, rags, brushes; anything that creates the desired effect.

Rob Peaden
City of DeLand, Florida
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