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City of DeLand
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DeLand, FL 32720
Phone: 386-626-7000
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DeLand Fire Department Goals

Goal 1- Maintain a proactive business inspection program to enhance public safety and prevent fires in commercial buildings.

  • Fire Inspector conducts mandatory inspection/tests as required by state law as well as new occupancy fire safety inspections: 100% of mandatory annually  -  new occupancy inspections within 3 days of customer request.
  • Company Inspection of 35% of the existing business each fiscal year with the goal of completing 100% over a 3 year period.
Goal 2- Provide specific fire prevention and life safety efforts during special events with large crowds in the downtown area
  • Station a fire warden(s) at temporary cook locations.
  • Provide bicycle EMT’s at downtown events that create high pedestrian traffic and/or restricted roadway access.
Goal 3- Maintain the existing CERT Teams for assistance during major disasters/emergencies.
  • Refresher training and drill(s) for existing teams – 1-refresher/drill per team (NO NEW TEAMS)
Goal 4- Deliver a comprehensive home fire safety program
  • Door to door smoke detector give away/installation program: 200 contacts
  • Home fire safety programs for school age children & adults: 24 group contacts – Community Safe Fire Wise home safety program: designed for communities with wildland fire interface potential – 3 community programs per year

Goal 1 – Provide for safety and welfare of the public by responding to all Fire and EMS calls within the NFPA 1710 standards.

  • Respond to emergency fire calls for service within 5-9 minutes (NFPA 1710).
  • Respond to emergency EMS calls for service within 5 minutes (NFPA 1710).
  • Meet NFPA 1710 standards for incident staffing.
Goal 2- Provide training for personnel to meet growing demands of the City and Fire Department.
  • Ensure executive officers maintain and develop new professional qualifications for executive leadership and management.
  • Ensure firefighters/fire officers receive specialized training in response and mitigation of incidents recognized as within the departments scope of service
        Goal 3- Conduct and complete pre-incident plans for high hazard locations and/or                             tactical surveys for high life safety locations                                                                                                                                                           
  • Complete a minimum of 12 pre-fire plans and 12 tactical surveys
         Goal 4- Enhance shared response with neighboring jurisdictions to best utilize interagency resources

  • Create/Maintain agreement with Volusia County
  • Create an agreement with Orange City & Deltona
        Goal 5- Hazardous Materials Response Improvement       
  • Utilize department Hazardous Materials Technicians to assist Volusia County during Hazardous Materials incidents on an as needed basis

Goal 1- Maintain all departmental apparatus and facilities in a safe and proper working order, and equipped to meet NFPA & ISO Standards.

  • Conduct fire pump tests – fire hose tests & aerial ladder inspections annually as prescribed by standards issued by the NFPA and required under ISO guidelines.
  • Continue the preventive maintenance program on all fire apparatus and other departmental vehicles, regular maintenance details of all buildings and address all work orders in an expedient and cost effective manner.

Goal 1- Ensure all City employees are trained to the proper level in accordance with the CEMP and NIMS.

  • Provide and track basic to advanced NIMS mandated training to all City employees that are involved in any type of emergency response to incidents within the City.
Goal 2- Provide training and drills to all members of the EOC management team.
  • Refresh / retrain all members of each ESF in their duties and responsibilities as outlined in the CEMP.
  • Participate in the annual Volusia County disaster exercise.

City of DeLand, Florida
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