City of DeLand, FL
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235K Grant Programs Accepting Applications
17K Release - Grant Programs
13K Grant Programs
23K Supplement for CRA Grants Rev11-20-17.pdf
101K DeLand Residential Incentive Grant Rev 11-15-17.pdf
135K Facade Grant Rev 11-15-17.pdf
61K Lighting Grant Rev 11-15-17.pdf
112K Retail Grant -Rev 11-15-17.pdf
29K Underutilized Building Grant - Rev 11-15-17.pdf
34K Upper Floor Rehabilitation Grant Rev 11-15-17.pdf
128K Business Improvement Program-Rev11-15-17.pdf
34K Access Rd GraphicB.jpg
15K Access Rd GraphicB-Rev 11-3-16.pdf
564K Supplement for CRA Grants Rev11-3-14.pdf
85K Incentives
15K Medical Services Overlay District-Owners-Rev 5-26-15.pdf
1104K Aviation Village Brochure Final 4-9-15.pdf
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