City of DeLand, FL
Business Tax Receipts
(Occupational License)
All businesses located within the City of DeLand are required to obtain an occupational license which must be renewed annually.
If you have questions regarding the process please call our office at 386-626-7006, 386-626-7007, 386-626-7008, or 386-626-7009.

License renewals are sent through the mail. This generally occurs in late June/July of each year.

This form is for New Businesses, change of address, owner, name changes and adding additional professionals. Please complete this form. All information requested must be provided. Questions? Please call 386-626-7006, 7007, 7008 or 7009 for assistance.
Application for businesses setting up a temporary location for the purpose of conducting business or a special event. This permit is for temporary sales and events only.
Application for Door to Door Solicitation
Any individual wishing to solicit their products door to door must apply to the County of Volusia
Yard Sales
You may have a yard sale every six months. Permits are $5.00. Contact Building Department at (386) 626-7007, (386)626-7008, or (386)626-7009
Home based businesses, in order to operate their business must sign a residential affidavit and apply for a business license
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